People I Help

I work with people from a range of social and cultural origins, orientations and states of health. Most of my work is with adults and adolescents.

People who come for help are often experiencing depression or anxiety, feeling stuck in difficult or broken relationships, have suffered loss, describe a sense of hopelessness, lack of direction, or perception of not belonging.

Other issues I help with include, but are not restricted to:

  • stress
  • bereavement
  • gender issues
  • panic attacks
  • self-harm
  • abuse

Through talking, questioning and reflecting you will begin to understand the influences and impressions that have shaped your life. You may notice aspects of yourself which had previously been obscured.  Over time, you may find yourself making shifts in the ways you negotiate the demands and desires of everyday living. Small changes seed important differences.

People who have had psychotherapy or analysis say they lead a more self-compassionate and balanced life.