What I offer

Meeting regularly with a therapist who is trained to listen can be a way of clearing space in a demanding world to allow the possibility of thought, quiet reflection and questioning alongside someone who will accompany you at your own pace.

Trained over many years in a variety of clinical settings, as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist I undertake both psychotherapy, which requires a minimum of once-weekly sessions, and more in-depth psychoanalytic work which involves meeting at least twice-weekly. The frequency and depth of the work depends on individual choice and need. I also offer short-term counselling sessions.


When you make contact, we will arrange an initial meeting. Here you can experience whether you might feel comfortable talking about your thoughts and feelings.

Following the initial meeting, there will be an opportunity for you to decide in an unhurried way whether you would like to go ahead with therapy. If you wish to do this we will agree a regular time for sessions. This will be your time, held for you each week. A fee is negotiated depending on your circumstances and what you can afford.

“Where Do I Start?”

Some people come with things they want to talk about quite clear in their mind, others come because they feel lost or confused. We will meet in a comfortable, confidential setting in which you can talk about the things that are troubling you as well as the things that have brought you pleasure.

It is for you to guide the pace of the work. I won’t use complex jargon or obscure terms but will try to help you use your own language to understand your experiences.


I currently charge fees in the range of £35-£60 per session.

The fee for an initial 70-minute consultation is £45.

I charge for sessions which are missed by you as this is time I have put aside for you. If I can re-arrange a session, given a minimum 3 working days’ notice, I will do so.